What makes him fly?


Lets get straight to the point - AL has no superpowers (unless you call
the ability to eat twice his weight in chips - superhuman).


"Hold on a minute!" I hear you say, "what about the superhero clothes?"
and, "I've seen him fly!". Well to explain this we need to go back to the
day when his wife realised that his elasticated trousers couldn't stand
the strain of another double cheese burger.


In a bit of fury, AL's wife used the 'f' word. The shock of being called
'fat' made AL use another word that she thought he would never use.
He was going on a 'diet!' But all that healthy eating didn't agree with him
and the local take-away was suffering too.


Eating all those beans, sprouts, broccoli and other vegetables helped
build up so much wind inside him that when it escaped he regularly hit the
ceiling. The neighbours thought he had taken up trumpet playing.
(Now do you see where the flying comes in?)


The smell coming from his garage was deadly but he worked on
perfecting his fizzy, veggie smoothies. Before long AL was passing wind
and flying small distances over his back garden.


"I can fly like superman" he thought, and that was the start of it.

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