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A well designed logo will make a difference


I offer an affordable, professional logo design service. 


Take care -An ill-considered, unprofessional looking logo can harm your business by sending out a wrong message about what you do and the services you offer. Searching the internet to find and use free ready-made clip art symbols can save money but may not be the wisest decision you have ever made.


I believe that a good logo will have the following attributes:


Professional in appearance

Sharp, Clear and Informative

Distinct and Memorable


Does your logo pass the clarity test?

With the increased use of smartphones and digital tablets, a need has arisen for simplified, legible logos that can be easily viewed on small screen sizes. I always shrink a logo to see if it passes the clarity test.


A more affordable option

Not every client will ask for a brand new logo. Sometimes they want a redesign of their old image. In such cases I may use similar colours and make subtle alterations by changing a typeface or symbol.  This can be an affordable way to make an old logo appear fresher and up-to-date.


Here are a few examples of OLD beside NEW Logos